Inspire. Encourage. Empower.

Our passion is to see tween girls celebrate their inner and outer beauty through a variety of creative services. We desire to connect with each girl with the intention to raise their spirits and feel amazing about the unique girl that they are. We want to inspire, encourage and empower girls to believe in themselves and embrace their individuality.

Mobile Spa Parties

Is there a special girl in your life that will be celebrating a birthday? Thinking of trying a new and trendy idea? Well, we are experts at turning your home into a super fun spa party for that special girl in your life and the best part is we come to you! All you have to do is pick your desired spa package and we promise that you will have the best spa birthday party! It is our mission to make this celebration one she will never forget! Whether you wish for a high energy party or a relaxing pampered treat, we cater to your desires.

Traveling fee INCLUDED for Toronto residences. Additional traveling fees may be added to residences outside of Toronto

Customize your own

Start with the
basic mandatory

  • Mini Manicure
per person


  • Chocolate Facial Mask
per person


  • Mini Pedicure
per person


  • Light Make Up Application
per person


  • Hair Chalk Highlights
per person


DIY Spa Crafts

The girls will get to make their own spa craft and take it home with them!


  • Lip Gloss
per person


  • Body Glitter
per person


  • Body Scrub
per person

Jewelry Making

The girls will get a personal lesson on how to make specific jewelry pieces, then we'll let the girls go wild choosing their fave beads and charms from our trendy selection of jewelry materials.


  • Charm Bracelet
per person


  • Arrival and set up
  • (Extra tables and table decor provided)
  • Party begins with exciting games and prizes
  • Self Esteem Builder — a heart-felt activity that will inspire, encourage and empower all of the girls, especially the guest of honour
  • Spa services implemented
  • Super Cool Run Way Show
  • (Accessories provided – i.e. boas, wigs, jewelry, sun glasses, tiaras)
  • Clean up and departure
  • *Duration of party is approximately 2-2.5 hrs
  • **No minimum or maximum number of guests required


Mini Manicure

  • Nail polish removal, hand soaking, nail trimming and buffing, hand and arm massage with sweet-smelling lotion, new nail polish coating, choose from a collection of OPI colours

Mini Pedicure

  • Nail polish removal, foot soaking and scrub, nail trimming and buffing, foot and leg massage with sweet-smelling lotion, new nail polish coating, choose from a collection of OPI and China Glaze colours

Light Make Up Application

  • Eye shadow application on eyes, blush application on cheeks, lip stick/gloss on lips

Mini Facial

  • Homemade facial mask massaged on face, sliced cooled cucumbers rested on eyes


  • Please notify us of ANY allergies ANY of the guests may have!

Party Includes

  • Spa décor: hot pink, black and white zebra printed lanterns, flowers, boas and more
  • Ultra fleece cozy robes for each guest to enjoy
  • Personalized birthday canvas for guest of honour: An on-the-spot Polaroid picture of the birthday girl taken and added to a blank canvas that all the guests will sign for memories
  • Birthday present for the guest of honour
  • Personal nail filers for all guests attending party
  • Trendy, age appropriate music played from a wireless Bose mini speaker
  • Latest tween girl magazines for the girls to flip through while getting services applied/waiting
  • All spa supplies such as nail polish, towels, nail kits, etc
  • Post-party picture collage mailed to birthday girl

Celebrating your inner and outer beauty

The Ultimate Summer Ladies Night In

WHEN: Offered July and August, day or night, weekday or weekend

WHERE: In the comfort of your own home or backyard! We come to you!

COST: $39/guest (minimum of 6 guests)

DURATION OF PARTY: 2 – 2.5 hours


  • Start o your party right with our freshly made summer inspired refreshments made right on the spot


  • We’re never too young to set the tone of the party with a couple funny ice breakers and prizes


  • Get inspired, encourage and empowered with this brief feel-good activity


  • Let us show you this easy DIY must-have for the summer, plus each guest takes a sample home


  • Sit back and relax while you enjoy one of these three pampering options
    Express Mani: Fingernail clean up, hand massage and nail polish application
    Express Pedi: Toenail clean up, foot massage and nail polish application
    Express Massage: Trio massage focusing on hands, feet and shoulders


  • What better way to capture this fun yet relaxing evening with a meaningful picture for memories

Mobile Karaoke Party


Consider our MOBILE KARAOKE PARTY! We come to you, in the comfort of your own home, and the best part is: it’s not just for children! Be the FIRST to start a new trend amongst your children’s friends or even your friends! We host Karaoke parties for all ages, girls and boys, women and men and for events such as: Birthdays, Graduations, Bachelorettes, Showers, Bat Mitzvahs/Bar Mitzvahs, Dinner Parties, Family Events or a Good O’l Fashion Girls Night In! Warning: This party may cause extreme excitement, silly moments and goofy memories with people who are ready to sing their hearts out with a touch of that STAR SPOTLIGHT!


$290 for 8 guests

Every Party Includes

  • 2-3 staff that will host and DJ the party with energy and enthusiasm so you can sit back and relax or join in on the fun
  • Karaoke Party Decor: our huge signature 6’ x 5’ shiny, gold backdrop (it is soooo awesome!); black and gold boas; gold lanterns and a shiny, rotating disco ball
  • Karaoke Machine with a significant sound system that lights up with neon colours and flickers to the sound of the beat, accompanied with 2 microphones
  • iPad with 9.5” x 7.5” screen used to view the song lyrics that has a blue tooth connection to the karaoke machine (so no need to use your tv connection!)
  • Access to our premium subscription to Yokee, a Karaoke App that provides thousands of songs to choose from
  • One recorded video performance sent to the client
  • Personalized group photo mailed to Guest of Honour

The General Schedule

Arrival & Setup

  • Our team will arrive 20-30mins prior to our start time to turn the client’s space into a personalized Karaoke Party

Games & Prizes

  • We set the tone of the party with energetic Ice Breakers Games! Our goal at this time is to get the guests excited and laughing! We desire to set an environment where the guests feel comfortable and ready to hit “the stage”!

Spotlight on the Guest of Honour

  • Whether someone is celebrating a Birthday, Graduation, Engagement or simply hosting an awesome Night In, a quick group activity will focus attention on the guest of honour so that they will feel extra special and celebrated!

Karaoke Performances

  • In order for the show to flow well and organized, this portion of the party will run in a rotation cycle like so:

    1. Two performers will be “backstage” (behind our backdrop) choosing their song as well as their props and accessories. They can also prep possible choreography or surprises for their turn in the spotlight

    2. Two performers will be singing on stage in the spotlight putting on a show for their audience

    3. Four guests will be the audience with mini white boards in hand ready to write down their positive feedback to give the performers at the end of their song (think American Idol judges but without any negative comments). The audience will be encouraged to write about the performance, whether it be their singing, dancing, outfits, personalities, talents, etc. *Our objective during this time is to follow through with our theme to Inspire, Encourage and Empower the guests through Self Esteem building by:
    - encouraging guests to step out into boldness and perform with all their heart!
    - receiving positive, uplifting comments
    - encouraging guests to speak positively about their peers

Photo Shoot

  • We finish the end of the party the way any real celebrity singer would – a Photo Shoot! The guests hand pick their accessories from our super awesome dress up wardrobe and they then strike-a-pose in front of our shiny, gold 6’ by 5’ backdrop as the Dazzling Divas staff act as the paparazzi and take photos of the guests. A photo will be mailed to the Guest of Honour.


After School Program

The current issues our tween girls face on a daily basis put so much pressure on their lives. The competition. The expectations. The drama. These current issues will always exist and unfortunately become increasingly more intense as the years go on. This After School Program was developed because we believe a solution is to start investing in our girls by helping build self-esteem and self-confidence. These sessions were designed to challenge tween girls on how they think and feel about themselves. We sincerely desire to see girls live with passion, confidence, unity and ultimately living to their fullest potential.

Program currently offered to girls from grades 3-6

Topics Available

Topic 1

  • Discovering ‘Me’

Topic 2

  • Healthy Life Style & Body Image Session

Topic 3

  • Friendships Session

Topic 4

  • Respect Session

Topic 5

  • Dreams and Goals Session

Topic 6

  • Spa Party


4:00 – 4:15

  • Fun and exciting group game with prizes

4:15 – 4:35

  • Interactive girl chat discussing session topic with related activity

4:35 – 5:00

  • DIY craft that will bring out creativity

Bring Dazzling Divas to you!

  • If you are interested in Dazzling Divas hosting an After School Program at your school or daycare, please have your principal, teacher or daycare director contact Sarah to arrange the workshops. Staff to choose three to six topic sessions per term.
  • Sarah Gillis

Inspire. Encourage. Empower.